News Stories in 2015 About Engaged Public and Our Projects

Engaged Public Design Conference

March 11, 2015

HSMP Luncheon and Seminar on Thursday, April 16, 2015, Email Blast

March 16, 2015

Colorado Managed Care Conference on Joining VBID and Shared Decision Making

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Engaged Public Media Coverage

January 2, 2015

Premise of Engaged Benefit Design System: Cost Knowledge is Power - by Ed Sealover

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March 9, 2015

Engaged Public Launches Balancing Act, Online Software For Making Public Budgets Interactive and Transparent (Balancing Act)

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April 7, 2015

Web Application Used During City of Hartford People's Budget Workshop is Now Available to the Public - by Hilda Munoz; Balancing Act

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April 14, 2015

Colorado Taxpayers Can See Where Their Dollars Go With New Online Tool - by Catilin Hendee

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April 14, 2015

Colorado Featured In Online Budget, Taxpayer Receipt Simulator (Balancing Act/Tax payer reciept coverage)

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April 16, 2015

New App Transforms Budgets Into Interactive Infographics - by Colin Wood

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May 1, 2015

Colorado, More Than Any Other State, Needs Educated Voters: They Authorize Our Taxation - by Carol Roberts, featuring Chris Adamas

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May 12, 2015

Calculator Shows Your Individual Colorado Tax Dollars Are Spent - by Andrea Dukakis

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May 20, 2015

Budget Simulator Puts Citizens in Control of Government’s 'Fiscal Spigot' (Balancing Act) - by Dave Nyczepir

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June 8, 2015

Connecticut Residents Strategize on City Budget (Balancing Act)

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June 16, 2015

This App Lets You See The Tough Choices Needed To Balance Your City's Budget (Balancing Act) - by Jay Cassano

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July 1, 2015

EBD Program to Help More Coloradans Make Better Decisions, Receive More Effective Care - by Michael J. Campo, Ph.D.

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July 7, 2015

New Mobile App Aims to Involve Citizens in Budgeting Decisions (Balancing Act)

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Complaining Won't Fix Your City's Budget, But This Online Tool Just Might (Balancing Act) - by Teodora Zareva

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August 5, 2015

MLD First Library in Country to Use Balancing Act Interactive Budget Tool (Balancing Act)

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August 4, 2015

Chinese website Bios Monthly Covers Balancing Act (Balancing Act)

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August 11, 2015

The Social Library, Volume 25 (Balancing Act)

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August 19, 2016

Balance Hartford's Budget? There's An App For That

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August 31, 2015

OpenGov Voices: Bringing Understanding and Engagement to Public Budgets - by Chris Adams

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September 2, 2015

Balancing App (Balancing Act)

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Balancing Act

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October 7, 2015

Five Reasons You Need Online Public Engagement on the Budget (Balancing Act) - by Kevin Amirehsani

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October 8, 2015

See Where Every Dollar of Your Tax Money Was Spent (Balancing Act) - by Anthony Sodd

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October 30, 2015

Where Should Prop BB Money Go? Balancing Act Lets You Decide (Balancing Act) - by Patricia Calhoun

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