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Engaged Public’s core strengths - public participation, policy development, and facilitation - converge when the public needs to be brought in to the decision-making process. Utilizing technology along with effective facilitation, we design and implement processes that provide a means for the public to be an integral part of their government, organization, or association. For examples of our work with similar issues, view the case studies for TBD, Biennial, and CIR.

Public Policy Development

Engaged Public offers Public Policy Development to government, foundations, and professional organizations interested in solving complex public challenges or issues.

Our straightforward approach is grounded in evidence, employing appropriate tools and technology incorporating Community Engagement and Leadership Development throughout the process to organize information, educate and engage audiences. To learn more about Engaged Public and Policy Development, view the case studies for CLAG, EBD, and Bighorn Leadership.


Facilitation (literally "the act of assisting or making easier the progress or improvement of something") is central to everything we do. Whether the goals are to improve organizational effectiveness, develop consensus, or to ensure that all viewpoints are heard, we treat each meeting as an opportunity to build value. While Facilitation is a component of each of our other services, Engaged Public offers episodic facilitation for shorter-term needs, such as retreats and strategic planning. To view an example of Engaged Public's role as a facilitator for a long-term project, visit the Colorado Water Quality Forum website.

Budget Engagement

Budgets are, arguably, the most direct way a community expresses what is important. Should the focus be parks and recreation? Public health? Police? Helping the homeless? If the answer is yes to all—how are we going to pay for it? Engaged Public, the creators of the interactive online budgeting simulation, Balancing Act, specializes in bringing people and government officials closer together in an informed conversation specifically about the budget, and what priorities are in everyone's best interests.


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