Engaged Public provides strategies for better policy.

We work with civic leaders, public and private stakeholders and others to develop better policies and improve the effectiveness of their initiatives. We offer facilitation, public engagement, policy development and analysis and leadership development.

Policy Development & Analysis

policy-dev-analysis-sliderWe conduct research, analysis and writing to support the development of public policy, often as part of an extended facilitated process. 


facilitation-sliderWe bring people and organizations together so that their perspectives, knowledge and collective resources can be utilized. 

Public Engagement

public-engagement-sliderWe design, develop and implement processes for the public to learn about and participate in creating public policy solutions.

Leadership Development

leadership-sliderWe develop and deliver programs specifically designed to equip emerging leaders to navigate the political system and champion better public policy.


Colorado Youth Advisory Council

Engaged Public is the new project management team for the Colorado Youth Advisory Council (COYAC). COYAC is a vehicle to give young people an opportunity to offer first-hand information to our legislators about issues affecting Colorado's teens.  COYAC members focus on: developing a greater knowledge of policy issues and the policy making process, research and learning about the current policy environment with the help of subject matter experts, and presenting their recommendations and suggestions to the legislature. Engaged Public supports COYAC by helping with organizational and program development.

Engaged Benefit Design Pilot

In most cases, a health care benefit package serves as a list of what is covered and what is not. What if they instead became a tool for consumers and providers to learn about various treatments options and then make safe, effective decisions about how to proceed? The Engaged Benefit Design is supporting top physician leaders to build an evidence-based benefit package that will be pilot tested over the next few years. 

Engaged Benefit Design team members Dave Downs and Barb Yondorf co-authored an article in February 2013 Health Affairs titled, “State Insurance Exchanges Face Challenges In Offering Standardized Choices Alongside Innovative Value-Based Insurance.”  The article explores the flexibility of state insurance exchanges to include innovative features in their plans, of which our Engaged Benefit Design is offered as an example.

Bighorn Leadership Development Program

Bighorn Leadership Development Program provides Coloradans opportunities to learn about the most compelling issues that face the state and equips them to get involved and to shape the future. Among the nearly 400 alumni are scores of elected officials and policy activists in every field. This program is offered in collaboration with Colorado State University.

Balancing Act

Balancing Act is a fun and easy way for residents toBalancing Act is a fun and easy way for residents to learn about public budgets and the choices their elected officials face in the budgeting process. It allows participants to try allocating funds— expressing their priorities and preferences — but also requires them to balance spending and revenue. Balancing Act brings people and government officials closer together in an informed conversation about what priorities are in everyone's best interests. Because it is online it is accessible to anyone at anytime and is far more convenient than a traditional public meeting or budget hearing.